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Have your own idea for a tattoo? At Wildfire we are proud to offer custom designs. Work one on one with our artists to create the perfect tattoo for you.


Our skilled artists are capable of a wide range of tattoo styles including freehand work. The ability to do freehand is necessary for some pieces and/or parts of the body.


We get a lot of clients wanting to cover-up their old tattoos. There are so many ways to re-work an old tattoo, even ones that you think might not be able to be fixed. Chat to one of our tattooists today!

Complete 100% Sterilisation

At Wildfire, our artists maintain a high standard of hygiene in their workspaces. You can rest easy knowing that all our equipment is sterilised in our state of the art autoclave.


Wildfire offers a full range of body piercings and dermals/microdermals.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you hesitating getting your old tattoo covered up because you think it might be too big or too dark? A few sessions of laser tattoo removal can make the difference to a successful cover-up.

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